Healthy benefits of a letting Agents
18.01.2014 18:53

Letting agents highbury enable a property owner to rent out his or her property to tenants. These agents work both for the interest of the owner & the tenant. There are lots of agents for hire on the market. However, to hire a nice agent, it is vital to understand a quantity of his or her obligations & risks. Having this knowledge will enable you to select the right agent, know what to anticipate of him or her & understand when he or he takes positive actions. A quantity of the main obligations & risks of agents are:

Understand agent inspections - Best practice dictate that a property owner be vetted. A letting agent who completes inventories ought to understand obligations regarding agent inspections.


Complying with the law - All letting agents are necessary to register & comply with owner repair obligations & letting laws. Failure to do this may lead to the agents facing legal trouble. The property owner ought to confirm an agent is registered, & complies with the laws before hiring him or her.


Understand tenant tactics - A nice agent is meant to be aware of tactics tenants might use to delay rent payments or evictions. If a tenant manages to delay eviction due to the fault of the letting agent, the property owner may bring a claim of negligence against the agent. It is the agent responsibility to give tenants notice in advance about evictions or rent raise.


Maintaining an audit trail - It is the responsibility of a letting agent to have an audit trail to reduce the exposure to claims of professional negligence. The agent ought to also know if any sections in the property are designated selective licensing. This can affect significantly the validity of a section 21 notice.


Meeting the needs of tenants - When it comes to dealing with tenants, an agent is expected to do all the things the property owner is meant to do and sometimes even more. The agent ought to be able to speak about all the needs of the tenants including care and maintenance of the property. The tenants ought to be able to go to him or her for the kind of assistance they would ask from a property owner.


Monitoring events and investing in staff schooling - A letting agent is charged with monitoring local and current events as well as investing in continuous staff training. This will enable the agent to be able to offer efficient service to tenants and keep them happy.


Kmjones provide the best letting agent in highbury and Islington. A lovely letting agent is reliable, efficient, courteous and effective. Plenty of letting agents they have come across do not inspire confidence and you may reluctantly hand over your keys wondering in the event that they have the best interests of your property and your wallet at heart! At KM Jones we have a simple rule; if we would not let a tenant live in our own property, we won't encourage them to move in to yours. And equally in the event you are a tenant looking for lovely quality accommodation, we won't show you substandard accommodation that we ourselves would not think about fit for purpose.


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