Thinking of Letting Your Property in Enfield
10.12.2013 17:27

Angelshomes are letting agents in Enfield & can help whatever your reason for letting your property. Perhaps your job is taking you away for some time &, although the rent is important to you, your main concern is to have your home cared for professionally - not left empty for the likes of burglars & squatters. Alternatively, you may be in the blessed position of having property solely for investment purposes, & need to maximize not on capital but on rental as well.

Either way, the decision to let your property is a major & not something to be gone in to lightly. You only must pick up the papers to read of catastrophe tales, & friends & families will be only too happy to tell you about the issues they have with tenants.

The truth of the matter is they probably went about it the wrong way!

Letting property can be very profitable, but it is vital to safeguard your interests by doing it through as established organization that will both look after it for you & protect your legal rights. Our staffs have plenty of years of experience in residential letting & property management & can let anything for you from a studio flat to a relative’s home.

Angelsshomes Residential can offer you a choice of services tailored to fit your individual requirements:

Within the Lettings department Angelshomes manage many residential properties around Enfield & many commercial properties Nationwide. One time the property is let loose Angelshomes Lettings will start the management method, which will include:

Inspecting the property every three months & sending the owner a document

Coordinating contractors to attend to maintenance issues tenants may have

Collection of rent on time.


Angelshomes Letting Agents in Enfield serves all areas of United Kingdom, including Edmonton, Enfield & Tottenham.

Tenants - why let properties through Angelshomes Letting Agents?

Through our extensive marketing they can offer potential tenants a variety of properties to let. On average, they are instructed to market 7-10 new properties a week.

Why Angelshomes Investments?

Investors why sell your investment by Angelshomes Investment?

Typical investments that Angelshomes sell are: - commercial investments, from tiny shop & upper parts to larger blue chip Investments. Their database of buyers includes first time investors, high net worth individuals, property companies & pension funds.

Investors why buy through Angelshomes Investment?

Typical investments that Angelshomes sell are:- commercial investments, from small shop and upper parts to larger blue chip Investments. Their database of buyers include first time investors, high net worth individuals, property companies and pension money

The angelshomes Promise - We actively market your property on our website; to our ever-expanding database of pre-screened professional tenants; on the UKs largest property portals as well as in local, national and even international newspapers and periodicals. We have safeguards in place to protect deposits and transactions; all legal requirements in terms of contracts, gas safety checks, maintenance, inspection reports, inventories and electrical fittings are strictly adhered to and exceeded and we do it all in a highly professional, friendly way that landlords have come to rely on.

For More Details Please Visit Our Website: http://www.angelshomes.co.uk/or you can call us at:



Tel:020 8443 1000


Fax:0208 4432 332






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