Will It be suitable for me to Rent Enfield Property
23.12.2013 15:25

Will it cost you to discover a property to rent in Enfield? Well, the answer is, yes possibly. It depends what you mean by cost & whether you are the owner or the tenant trying to rent your property. For both landlord & tenant the cost will require to be assessed not only by actual money cost but also cost of time. For example, say you work & must take time off to discover a property to rent. Say you are a landlord & must take time off to try to let your property. Say you have mortgage payments to make on your buy to let mortgage & each day that goes by with the property not rented it costs you a day more in mortgage repayments. This is all time cost which means an actual loss. Say it costs you a day to take time off work. How much would have earned in not spending that time. What about actual money costs? Well some agents will charge the tenant renting the fee but most will only charge a rental fee to the owner for matching the owner to the tenant.

 In addition in the event that they are managing the landlord's property then they will also charge a management fee for looking after the flat or house rented. How as a tenant do you find your letting agent? The traditional way is the more time consuming way? To take a walk down your local high street. Say you were renting in Enfield town. Go to the high street & you will notice a combination of plenty of letting agents & estate agents in Enfield. You can walk in & out & speak to them or even see how they operate on the rings. What kind of customer support they give you. Do they look busy to help you or not busy which may mean they don't have plenty of properties to let. You will receive a feel of whether you feel comfortable in finding you your idea house or flat to rent. You can pick who you feel comfortable with & then select whether to appoint them.

You can normally register your name with as lots of letting agents or estate agents as feasible. First check with them but most letting agents in Enfield work on the basis that they don't mind how lots of other etting agents you register with. Whichever landlord your letting agent matches your needs to and rent then that is the owner they will charge their fee to. What about the cost to you as the owner. That is a whole set of different fees. Landlords include the professional landlord who has over property to let. Who may buy properties with buy to let mortgages which they must pay off on a regular basis? Some landlords are home owners who can’t sell and therefore select to let for the first time. As landlord you must be guided by not only cost but also quality of service and whether your letting agent or estate agent has the tenants to be able to promote your property to. Whether they have suitable tenants who can rent your type of property. For example, there might be letting agents or estate agents who specialize in renting houses in a specific area of Enfield, say Enfield town, but if your property you require rented out is in Ponders Finish then there is tiny point in asking the ponders agent to regarding rent your Enfield town property. So look at the letting agent. Ask your agent what type of properties they already have on their books. Ask what kind of tenants are on their books. Are they professionals or are they DSS. Your property you require to let loose perhaps suitable for DSS in which case don't go the agent who deals with professionals and vice versa. On cost, then this will vary on the estate agent or letting agent. Check what fees they are charging. An off fee at the beginning and how much. Do they also charge a every month fee, normally only charged in the event that they manage your property. Whether you require them to manage depends on whether you require to take everything off your hands and they deal with the tenant or you require to manage your own property (which is more time consuming and messy as there's lots of regulations you require to comply with such as gas certificates and regular checks). Then compare prices but always keep in mind to compare service and whether they have the tenants to rent your property.

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